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Rumar Portuguese Wine Brandy

15.30 €

Rumar is aged for 2 years, the ideal time and accurate to preserve fruity aromas and is aged in 2 different types of casks: French oak and American oak. Especially designed for the best moments of conviviality, sharing and relaxation, Rumar Aguardente is an irreverent drink that portrays Portuguese tradition and spirit. The building's facades, tiles and characteristic architecture of the North of Portugal, namely Porto, as well as the “Portuguese Riviera” - the Estoril Coast - are also depicted in Rumar, whose name symbolizes the moment when plans are made for the future. Rumar's identity is inspired by the propeller of an aircraft, a real journey around an adventure and a drink that reflects what we do, like and share, surrounded by friends

COUNTRY: Portugal




CAPACITY: 700 ml


Careful blending of old Wine Brandy results in its smoothness, velvety spirit and magnificent golden color. Intense aromas of vanilla and velvety in the mouth fruit of aging in American oak casks. Fruit notes and a touch of spices on the nose, the result of aging in French oak casks. 


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